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Timor Leste

The expedition to Timor is well into the planning and booking phase now with considerable interest in it being demonstrated by more people than we can actually accommodate on the trip. That said if you are still eager to travel to a developing nation with fantastic people and take on a challenge that is totally unique, jump onto the courses page of the site and register your interest. Situations change all of the time and you never know a place may become available, you have to be in it to win it. We are planning more trips like this so we’ll be able to keep you updated with what’s coming up and where we are going. On the Timor expedition this year the guys will be learning some of the unique skills the Timorese employ to survive in their land as well as confirming some of the more global skills taught on a Bush Lore Survival course. We can hardly wait!

The year so far …

Already the year is racing along and with a late wet season we have squeezed in a whole raft of courses without having to shift to a drier venue. We have had some big rain and it is amazing watching the previously very dry landscape rehydrate. We most definitely needed the water. If you are coming out on a course sometime soon, you are entering a wonderland of green lush bushland again in contrast to the rather brown and dry forest that we’ve had to play in for the last few months. Mother nature has her thing to do and it is our role to simply work in with it, so that’s what we do. Hope you are all getting out there, somewhere and enjoying the cooling of the seasons.

Hostile Environment Survival Training

We have a new program now available as a private course and available later in the year as a public course, aptly termed Hostile Environment Survival Training, it is focusses on ‘resilience’ and ‘self-reliance’ during crisis, disasters, catastrophes, and other extreme events. If you have doubts at all about how you and your family would cope with a major disaster then this is the course for you. If you are planning on travelling or working in conflict zones or politically unstable regions, do this before you go. Rich draws on the full repertoire of his military experience as well as a subsequent career working in unstable post conflict countries. For more information click here.


Happy Wandering …

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