BushLore On TEDx

Here is the video of the presentation Rich gave at TEDx Docklands in Melbourne back in June 2015

As an SAS warrior, immersion in nature was something that Rich Hungerford took for granted. It was only when he entered the corporate jungle that he recognised the power of nature to both transform and help us to cope with the stresses of the modern world. Today, Rich urges us all to stop, embrace the rhythms of nature and hear the call of the wild.

Rich Hungerford is a survival and bushcraft instructor with twenty years of survival and tracking training and experience. He’s spent time with military units, been involved with non-military survival instructors and undertaken regular volunteer work in wildlife conservation. His fascination for living off the land developed having grown up in rural places, especially Papua New Guinea. He explores his adoration of the natural environment through Bush Lore, a holistic method drawing past knowledge and lessons into the present.

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