Corporate Team Building

We are continuing to offer team building events for businesses and other organisations who are looking for something with real challenge that is less of a social get together and actually serious in terms of providing meaningful feedback to participants in respect to teamwork, leadership, planning, decision making and interpersonal skills.

A case in point – on a recent event we ran, the boss who brought her team along to us, after the event promoted two of her staff, let one go, and consequently has now shaped her team into a fine tuned machine who all enjoy working together, in a supportive team environment and have forged a tenacity that will now carry them through an ever evolving business landscape. If you want REAL CHALLENGE – CALL US, there are hundred’s of team building providers willing to take your money in exchange for a social fun day. For most that is all they wish to achieve and that is fine. We are about pushing your team to find their individual and collective limits and working towards developing their full potential!

Rich Hungerford is a former Australian SAS Team Commander, one of his core skills is team leading in arduous and uncertain environments. If you want a resilient team and a resilient organisation speak to him about ways we can help you build your team.

If you are interested please contact us on 0409 885 949 to discuss as this isn’t a one size fits all solution.

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